Do You Trust Me?

I think this is every girl's favorite words to hear from her man! I love this scene in Aladdin where Aladdin reaches his hand out to Jasmine and asks her if she trusts him.  She is hesitant and then says she can and they go on that epic magic carpet ride around the city.

The funny thing is that Jasmine shouldn't have trusted Aladdin because he was a scandalous liar, lol. But he was good looking and charming so women trust any men like that.  Plus he was rich.


My blog is going to focus on Disney in real life, how we would be as real Disney life characters..  Aladdin is like my ex-boyfriend.  Charming, handsome, nice physique, dark hair.

Jasmine WANTS to trust him, she does. Who wouldn't? He's such a catch, witty, rich, come on! But the problem is that he's too perfect.  No man could be that perfect and faithful too, I'm sorry but it's true. So in the end, he had one defect.  What was that defect?  He is dishonest.

Dishonest is probably the worst trait of all traits....  because once trust is broken, once your partner lies to you, you can never trust them again.  What would they lie about next? It's a slippery slope. You forgave them that once but how long did it take them to come clean?

It took my ex-boyfriend about 5 years to admit some lies to me.  If he could lie for 5 years about something so important, what could he lie about in 10 years to come? 

Aladdin is your classic charming cunning man.  Attractive but dangerous, too bad because he's probably the favorite of most little girls out there dreaming of their prince charming. Sorry girls, you're about to face disappointment for the rest of your little lives.  Isn't that something to look forward to? :P