Disney Fitness Game

The Disney Workout

So let's be clear. In Disney films, there are not many variations in body types among women.  Let's look at our lady stars.  All of them have pretty much the same physique. In fact, you could swap out their heads and skin tone and you'd essentially have the exact same body for each and every female lead character.


They are skinny, slim-waisted, round butt, thigh gapped to perfection. That is the standard of beauty in any and every Disney film. Of course we have some exceptions to the rule. Let's look at the curvy Ursula, the sea witch. OH WAIT, she's big and fat, which makes her bad and ugly. And that is why she is the villain.  Ursula herself has to change into a slim brunette in order to capture Prince Eric.  That's the whole point.  Prince Eric falls in love with Ariel before even hearing her SPEAK. Why you ask? Because she's skinny, gorgeous and hot! Boom!

Let's take a look at another princess....  Belle! Okay, I love Belle. Literally French for "Beauty" (thank you 10 years of French class, that's literally all I know).  Belle is a bit different from the other princesses. She's not a princess.. yet. She loves reading, she's just a gorgeous bookworm who doesn't fall prey to the buff muscular Gaston (who I actually still am in love with).  But she does end up getting captured by a Beast and falling in love with her captor over time. Hello Stockholm syndrome.  

Anyways, my point is that the women are fit, they're hot, they're slim. If you're a woman in this and you're NOT slim, you're either a fat villain or you're a chubby grandmother or old fairy (like the fairy Godmother in Cinderella).  A large woman cannot and does not exist in Disney films as anything other than a side character or side role.  A large woman is not viable as a romantic interest, it just doesn't work like that in the Disney world.  So my friends and I came up with what we like to call the "disney workout", an easier workout that we do every day with our cute little color containers and eating plan, but still a lot more fun too.  We like to follow skinny fiber america, a health and fitness blog to help us get in shape Basically in our exercise routine, you have to do 10 jumping jacks every time a hot girl comes on the screen.

You have to do crunches for the entire duration of any burst into song. Cute: Part of your world... If it's a romantic ballad, you do crunches.

Cinderella-workoutIf it's a pop ballad like "Under the Sea" you need to jog on the spot.  Every time a villain comes on you need to do the dirtiest most difficult and challenging workout which is the dreaded SQUATS.. 15 squats per scene with a villain.  

If you see a rainbow or pot of gold you have to do 5 burpees. And time a talking animal or fish comes on the screen you need to do 10 jumping jacks. A dashing prince equals 5 forward lunges on each side of the leg.

It's actually amazing. We put on our calorie counters and burnt about 400 calories in one 1.5 hour long movie, lol.