The Disney Workout
Be a Beauty and a Beast at the Gym!

Get a Body Like Cinderella's in 21 days

So I know what you're thinking - why do all Disney princesses get to marry the man of their dreams? It doesn't seem fair right - they live in castles, have hot husbands and live happily ever after.  Well it isn't much of a coincidence that they also have tiny figures too.  The fact of the matter is that attractive men are more drawn to womeWaistline-cindyn with slim or athletic figures (of course they like curves in the right places too). 

Maybe this statement will bother you. Hell, as a woman who is no size 6, it annoys me to write it out.  But I had this discussion with my friend the other day - we were talking about our diets and how much success we were (or were not) having.  I said to her - how do you expect to end up with a hot muscular guy when you are 50 pounds overweight?  I didn't say this to be mean, she told me that same day she needed to lose 56 pounds, but then she also told me that some guy she was talking to didn't have a good enough body for her.

You can't have these crazy high standards and expectations for your future partner when you don't put forth the effort to be in good shape yourself.  My friend and I laughed and agreed - you need to have a body that matches the body of the partner you desire.  If you don't mind being with a man who is super slim or very overweight, you probably don't have to worry about it.  But don't for a second think you can score a Prince Charming with muscles galore and who spends most of his free time at the gym when you don't even walk up the stairs if the escalator is an option.

Therefore we decided to go on the 21 day diet plan from to see if we could lose 10 pounds or more in under three weeks.  The plan consists of eating less food than you normally would and cutting out sugar and excessive carbs.  You need to drink a lot of water and truly dedicate yourself entirely to the full 21 day program for best results.  I started two weeks ago and have already lost 7 pounds.  I'm keeping my prize in mind.  After spending my 5th Valentine's day alone and suffering from a broken heart, I know that I need to work hard to meet my goals or I never will.


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