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Let's be honest. Having a mobile phone is a fashion statement.  I personally own a Samsung Galaxy Trend and even my friends make fun of me. I've never had a cool phone, but if you have an awesome phone - people think you're just a bit cooler, richer, more popular.  One thing I like to do to hide my ugly phone is have cool phone covers.

Mickey-mouse-phone-coverSome of my favorite disney characters have their own mobile phone covers. I personally have a cool Mickey Mouse cover.

One of my favorite applications to use on my phone is Whatsapp.  I chat to all my friends on there and it's free.  But that made me wonder, what kinds of things would Disney Characters say if they could message their friends?

Would they talk about their troubles in the castles? Their problems with their wicked step-mothers?  Would Mickey talk about his love for Minnie and would the Little Mermaid make her status something about how much she wishes she could have legs to be able to go on land and meet her Prince?

There are so many things to talk about online and Whatsapp would be a great outlet for many of these disney characters! I decided it would be fun to compile a list of Cool WhatsApp Status for this awesome application and see what kind of things the characters would write about! I like using this app to talk to my friends about my hobbies and things that are going on in my daily life. I've been using it for about 2 years as it's super popualar in Europe. A lot of my friends have never heard about it before but I made them get it so I could talk to them for free from Europe! It works well. I don't make too many statuses, but my favorite statuses to make are ones that talk about the day, how I feel in the moment, if I'm going on a trip or something coming up or I like to say fun things about different holidays.

If it's the summer, I'll change my status to "Yes, summer's here!".. but what would a Disney character change her status to? Let's imagine... Snow white, for example.. 


In this funny picture from Buzzfeed, snow white is telling her prince that dinner is ready and that he and the dwarves need to wash up for dinner!  

I have a feeling snow white wouldn't like the idea of living with 7 men, but that's just me, haha.

I like in this post that you can use lots of fun different emoticons in your Whatsapp statuses to make your post more interesting! You need to be careful of using too many emoticons though because some people find them annoying!

Sometimes when I'm talking to my boyfriend and making a joke, I won't use an emoticon and he will think I am angry and really I'm not!  That's why I always end most jokes with a :) smiley face emoticon so he knows I'm happy.  What's my whatsapp status today? Well, today is sunny and beautiful out so my status is: Happy on Holidays. Sun is Shining. With my love <3



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